5Alive Tropical 35-90cl(x 12)


This flavourful drink has a refreshing and smooth taste that people find delicious. You can take it at room temperature or drink chilled, no matter how you do, it does not lose its flavour, available in handy 35cl pet bottle packs, it is perfect for social events and private gathering
Five Alive is a healthy line of fruit juice blends made by the Coca cola company.

  • Volume: 35cl
  • Quantity: 12 Packs
  • Tropical Fruit Drink
  • Refreshing Flavour
  • Best Served Chilled
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5Alive Tropical Fruit drink is a great blend of carbonated and non-carbonated flavors. It is fruity and refreshing. Allow Debbiehub to take away the hassle from you. Shop at Debbiehub for these amazing soft drinks for keeps at the best prices. You can use it for your birthday parties, housewarming, outdoor and indoor occasions. It contains vitamins and minerals. It is best served chilled. Great value for money, natural flavors, Refreshing taste, best served chilled, Suitable for all occasions alcoholic, ideal for events, orange taste with moderate sugar. Get your refreshing sweet orange. It is a sparkling, refreshing, sweet, tasty, and carbonated drink with a satisfying taste. It suits every occasion, birthday parties, weddings, house warming, picnics, indoor and outdoor use. It is best served chilled and it goes well with meals.


35cl, 90cl


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